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Welcome to The Fort at No. 4 Open-Air Museum

Travel back in time to Plantation No. 4, once the northwesternmost village within the British colonies.

Parker house as seen from watchtower

Opening July 1, 2020

"Time Travel" is a phrase we use with some ease here at Old Number 4

Exploring, explaining, and imagining the past so that we may better inform our current and future decisions is the museum's educational pathway.

One of those lessons well-learned from the history of the Upper Valley is that disease can be indiscriminate and devastating to any community. Therefore, in light of current need for social distancing, and with concern for staff and the many volunteers who serve a multitude of tasks at The Fort at No. 4, and the visiting public with whom we engage, the museum will be moving as much of its off-season presentations and other activities to online and social media formats as is practical.

We are also delaying the opening of the museum for tours and public events until July 1st. We feel that this delay is the reasonable and prudent route to take.

While we await our official season opening, we will strive to bring enjoyable and educational content to you through the fort's website and social media platforms, and explore other ways to connect with you.

We thank you for your patience and support as we implement these changes and we hope to see all of you in July.

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Travel back in time to Plantation Number 4, once the northwesternmost village within the British colonies. Our reconstruction of the village grounds is dedicated to bringing the history of the Upper Valley of the Connecticut River to life through engaging reenactments, educational activities, and one-of-a-kind historical experiences.

Plantation Number 4 (now Charlestown, NH) was the northernmost and westernmost township within the British Colonies in North America from 1735 until 1760. Due to its location at the edge of the woods and the dedication of its townspeople, Number 4 held a distinctive position in the Colonies as well as an unusual relationship with north-eastern Amerindian people.

Our living history museum is dedicated to sharing the conflicts, trials, clashes, and co-mingling of cultures that are so unique to the Fort at No. 4. We strive to share the complexities of history and demonstrate how the area’s varied inhabitants left an enduring influence on the region.

Founded in 1947, our open air museum continues to delight visitors of all ages who wish to step back in time and experience life as it was for settlers during the Colonial Era. Our grounds faithfully recreate the details of the original structures that existed at the Fort at No. 4 and our volunteer reenactors bring the story to life through engaging demonstrations, hands-on workshops, and informative lectures. Some of our most popular events include our reenactment of the French-Indian War, our Native Legends Storytelling event, and our Women of the Fort weekend.

Join a guided tour led by one of our expert docents or meander the grounds on a self-guided tour to step back in time and experience life as it was in an 18th-century fortification. We also offer educational tours for school groups, including interactive learning experiences for homeschooled students that truly bring history to life.

We are open seasonally from May through the first weekend of November with a number of special off-season activities to engage and delight our visitors. Be sure to peruse our Calendar of Events to learn what we have in store and consider becoming a Friend of the Fort to take advantage of special discounts and opportunities.

And don't forget to leave plenty of time to explore our gift shop! We offer a variety of historical texts, curios, and costume pieces that are sure to delight any history enthusiast.

Support the Fort at No. 4

As an independent open-air museum, we are a self-funded 501(c)3 and 509(a)2 non-profit organization that does not receive Federal or State funds so we welcome your support. Learn more about how you can help us further our mission by becoming a sustaining member, contributing to our capital or annual fund, sponsoring a stockade brass plate, joining us for our Harvest Dinner, or becoming a volunteer. Thank you for your interest in keeping the history of Charlestown, New Hampshire alive.

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Gender, Politics, and Family Squabbles at Ethan Allen's Homestead

April 11, 2020--Museum Online

Easter Sunday
Prayer Service
in the Manner of the 18th Century

April 12, 2020 at 8:00 AM--Museum Online

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