Educational Resources

These resource pages are designed to help integrate significant historical events into your curriculum:

  • Become familiar with classroom lessons on a variety of Colonial topics
  • Use ready made interdisciplinary activities for students
  • Learn about resources and numerous primary source documents available in print and on the web for use in the classroom
  • Special focus is given to New Hampshire specific primary source documents, people, places and events

It's the 250th Anniversary of the French & Indian War (1754-1763)

Many historians argue that this was the war that made America, as it:

  • Forged an American identity
  • Gave invaluable experience to future American leaders such as George Washington, John Stark and Benjamin Franklin
  • Removed the French from North America
  • Fueled the desire for westward expansion of colonial settlers
  • Set the stage for the American Revolution
  • More information on The War That Made America website

This curriculum resource will serve as a tool box for educators that includes downloadable classroom based lessons organized by:

  • Essential Questions
  • Instructional Objectives
  • Introductory Activity
  • Instructional Procedure
  • Assessment

Additional information and variations are also available:

  • Rationale and Background
  • Connection to the Framework Proficiencies
  • Instructional Resources or Materials
  • Curriculum Modifications/Extension