7-8 Grade Field Trip Lesson: Fort at No. 4 History

Connection to the New Hampshire Framework Proficiencies

New Hampshire Department of Education Framework Proficiency Database

New Hampshire Essential Skills 2.0

Skill 2.1 – Acquiring Information

  • Proficiency B: Students will be able to comprehend the wide range of social studies-related materials by using skills:
    • 2. Detect cause and effect relationships
    • 6. Draw from the source information at a level appropriate to the task at hand, i.e., skimming for facts or probing for deeper
    • 7. Utilize various types of sources such as documents, charts, images, artifacts, and maps

Skill 2.2 Organizing and Communicating Information

  • Proficiency G: Students will be able to interpret information:
    • 1. Draw inferences from factual material
    • 4. Form opinion based on critical examination of relevant information
    • 6. Reinterpret events in terms of what might have happened, and show the likely effects on subsequent events
    • 7. Take into account when interpreting events or behaviors context of their time and place
  • Proficiency H: Students will be able to present information in a variety of ways:
    • 2. Present orally

New Hampshire and United States History Strand:

Standard 6.1 – Political Foundations and Development

  • Explain how the foundations of American democracy are rooted in European, Native American and colonial traditions, experiences and institutions

Standard 6.2 – Contacts, Exchanges & International Relations

  • Describe the interconnectedness of [how] the world developed using examples, e.g., the contact between Native Americans and European settlers

Standard 6.5- Social/Cultural

  • Trace the changes in the roles and lives of women and children and their impact on society
  • Explore attitudes towards diversity