Support the Fort

There are many ways that you can help support the Fort at No. 4 and its mission of preserving and cultivating an appreciation for the 18th century history of the Connecticut River Valley.


With a membership, not only do you support the Fort, you also get free admission for all regular tours for a year, as well as other benefits. We have a variety of memberships available for every budget and circumstance.

Monetary Donations

Maintaining a facility often involves lots of repairs. You can donate to our Capital Fund or to our Annual Fund.

You can also purchase a brass plate with your name to be mounted on one of our stockade poles.

In-kind Donations

Short on cash, but still want to give? Perhaps you have something on our wish list that you would like to donate. Or maybe you find yourself with free time and want to contribute your skills as a volunteer.


You can also invite your friends to join you at one of our fundraising events. This year we hosted a Masquerade Ball in addition to our Annual Harvest Dinner.

Through your employer

Some employers offer matching contributions for charitable organzations. Some offer paid time for their employees to volunteer. Check with your employer to see if these options are available to you.

Online opportunities

Amazon Smile is a program that donates a percentage of all of your Amazon purchases to a charity of your choosing at no extra cost to you.. You can choose The Fort at No. 4 to receive that donation.

Igive donates a percentage of all your purchases from a selection of over 2100 stores to a charity of your choosing at no extra cost to you.