Not Without Peril Hardcover

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Not Without Peril

A descendant of Richard Sawtell of Watertown, Massachusetts, Jemima Sartwell (spelling changed) traveled into the wilderness with her family who built a fortified home, fort Sartwell, below Fort Dummer.

Not Without Peril is the story of this courageous woman and life in the 1700s in the upper Connecticut River Valley. Life on the “Great River”, the highway of the settler and the Indian, brought joy and sorrow to Jemima. She had three husbands: William Phipps, Caleb Howe, and Amos Tute, bore eight children, lost two husbands during hostilities and was “captivated” with seven children when Caleb Howe was killed.

Based on Jemima’s account of her captivity and sufferings as told to the Rev. Bunker Gay, Marguerite Allis has woven this into a fascinating historical novel. Miss Allis wrote her first book in 1939 and before her death in 1958 had written a total of 15 books noted for their historical accuracy and realism.

By Marguerite Allis