2021 Harvest Dinner & Reception

Out of concern for our dinner guests, and with deep regret, we have made the decision to cancel this season’s Harvest Dinner.  The museum is in the midst of a much-needed construction project involving the buildings used for dining, and unfortunately, due to supply-line issues, work will not be completed in time for the dinner.  This decision was not made lightly, and certainly not the pathway we would like to be following.  Our year-end Harvest Dinner has been an important fundraising vehicle for the museum, and a joyous way to end the fort’s traditional season.

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Let the Masquerade Begin!

Masked Ball
Saturday, October 23rd
7:00 PM $25/Single $40/Couple

A sprightly fox danced the evening away during our 2019 Masked Ball

Join us on Saturday, October 23rd for our Masked Ball! What better way for to celebrate the season (All Hallows Eve is right around the corner!!).

The dance begins at 7:00 PM and will take place in the museum’s Great Hall. Dance Mistress Madam Bourdon will take all dancers through the dance steps before calling the dance.  Once the dance begins Toby and Prudence (fine musicians that they are) will keep the tempo lively!

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Militia Pay Record Under Stevens 1747-1748

Research into history is never a straight forward endeavor.  No, research seems to follow a path more akin to a tangled, messy pile that you pick up in the morning after the cats have gotten into a bag of yarn!   A document is found here, it leads to and touches another document.  The second document probably isn’t of the same time frame, or on the same topic as the first document.  And so on until … ah-ha! Continue reading “Militia Pay Record Under Stevens 1747-1748”