2022 Scottish Heritage and Highland Games-Schedule


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June 11  Schedule

  • 10am Gates Open, Vendors Open
  • 11am  Opening Ceremony with the Catamount Pipe Band
  • 12 Noon Sessions: Stravgin & Gaelic Language Workshop
  • 1pm Sessions:Prydein; Step Dance Workshop; Bagpipe Makers Roundtable; Kilted Mile Race
  • 2pm Sessions: Stravaigin; Gaelic Language Workshop; Celtic Storytelling for the Wee Ones
  • 3pm Sessions: Catamount Pipe Band; Scottish Harp Performance; Scottish Session
  • 4pm Sessions: Highland Dance Performance; Scottish Fiddle Performance; Bodhran Workshop; Tug of War
  • 5pm Sessions: Prydein & Catamount Pipe Band; Bagpipes of Scotland; Green Mountain Celts
  • 6pm Closing Ceremony & Concert with: Stravaign; Prydein; Highland Dancers; and the Catamount Pipe Band

Scottish Heritage and Highland Games.  This is a fundraising activity for The Vermont Institute for the Celtic Arts & The Fort at No. 4