4-6 Grade Field Trip Lesson: Jobs in the Colonial Period

Connection to the New Hampshire Framework Proficiencies

New Hampshire Department of Education Framework Proficiency Database

New Hampshire Economics Strand:

Standard 4.1 – Economics and the Individual

Students will learn about their role in a free market, how decision that they make affect the economy, and how changes in the economy can affect them.

  • Identify the role of the individual in factor and product markets
  • Explain how specialization and productivity are related.

New Hampshire and United States History Strand:

Standard 6.4 – Economic Systems & Technology

Students will demonstrate an understanding of the changing forms of production, distribution and consumption of goods and services over time.

  • Explore major developments and changes in economic productivity
  • Explore the impact of important technological inventions
  • Investigate the evolution of the United States economy

Standard 6.5 – Social/Cultural

Students will demonstrate an understanding of the interaction of various social groups, including their values, beliefs and practices, over time.

  • Trace the changes in the roles and lives of women and children and their impact on society