The Power of Journals: Going Beyond the Text


  1. If the reading is too long and difficult, then assign only part of the reading to each student and ask questions that pertain to that section. Then put the whole selection together during whole class discussion.
  2. Engage students in pre-reading strategies to prepare them for the concepts and vocabulary of the journal selections.


  1. To connect to English Language Arts, have students read Enemy in the Fort by Sarah Masters Buckey. This book is part of American Girl’s Dear America series and centers around two sisters left behind at Fort Number Four after their parents and infant brother are taken captive by Abenaki Indians.
  2. Engage the class in a cooperative learning group investigation of other journals of this time period such as the journals of:
    • Major Robert Rogers
    • Mary Rowlandson
    • Phineas Stevens
    • Jemima and Nehemiah How
    • Caleb Stark
    • William Heywood