School Programs
(Includes homeschool groups)

Please Note: Arrangements may be made for Educational Tours during May, June, September, and October.

Re-enactor soldiers with muskets Two children in 18th century clothes Re-enactors with artillery

Harsh New England Winters!

Sieges! Living in a Lean-to with Multiple Families...Imagine!

hornbook and powderhorn

The settlers of the Fort at No. 4 had to endure all of these things and more. Your experience won't be as harrowing, but you'll become a part of the 18th century as you connect with a piece of our country's past.

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More than 250 years ago, during the French and Indian War era, courageous pioneers traveled to New England's northernmost frontier with remarkable determination to build a new life for their families. Their extraordinary experiences are brought to life each day at The Fort at No. 4 Living History Museum located on the Connecticut River.

Students who visit The Fort don't just learn about history, they live it! Our costumed historical interpreters guide students through an experience that allows them to explore how the settlers lived, worked and played, through uniquely designed "hands-on" programs.

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While offering interactive learning experiences for students of all ages, our special focus is on programs that complement the fourth through eighth grade state curriculum guidelines.

The Fort works hand-in-hand with teachers to recreate the life of our earliest settlers, through school group day tour adventures.

A Day at The Fort

Proceed through the gate of The Fort and experience a day in the life of an 18th century settler.

Tour participants usually visit five houses or "stations," experiencing the culture of the 18th century settlers along the Connecticut River Valley.

Programs begin at 10 a.m. and run approximately 2 1/2 hours. The cost is $6 per student and all adults or other children accompanying the tour (teachers, para educators, chaperones, etc.). The bus driver is always free.

An Exciting History Lesson

We invite school groups to schedule tours during May, June, September and October for an 18th century adventure. If you have questions about the Fort, or would like to learn about our programs, please call us at 603-826-5700 . You can also send us an email at