Sew-along Saturdays

Saturdays in August and September 2018
11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

hand sewing

Join us for a sew-along at the Fort each Saturday in the month of August. Bring your own project, or purchase a kit in the Gift Shop. This is a great opportunity to learn new sewing skills and practice those you already have. When you have completed this series, you will be able to sew seams with a running stitch or a backstitch, hem edges with the hemming stitch or slipstitch, fell a seam, apply buttons and make strong buttonholes, measure and sew gathers and pleats, and perform most common repairs. All ages and genders are welcome.

Here is a list of necessary supplies.

  • August 4: In the 18th Century, militia, soldiers and sailors all had a housewife, or a portable sewing kit. Sewing was a necessary skill for both men and women, to keep uniforms, sails, haversacks, clothing, etc. in good repair.

  • August 11: Most everyone wore aprons in the 18th Century, whether they were a woman doing cooking and housework, or a tradesman working in a shop.

  • August 18: Market bags are the predecessor of today's ubiquitous plastic shopping bag and were also used as saddlebags at times. Make yourself a beautiful bag to do your own shopping today.

  • August 25: Eventually, all textiles start to show signs of wear and tear. Come learn how to do basic repairs to your clothes and accessories, such as replacing buttons, patching holes, and restitching seams.

  • September 1: In the 18th Century, ladies' pockets were separate garments that were tied on under her skirts. Men carried their belongings in a haversack they could sling over their shoulder.

  • September 8: Clothing was worn in layers. On cold days, ladies would pile on their petticoats to help keep warm.

  • September 15: Everyone needs a safe place to carry their money and valuable papers. Let's make some wallets!

  • September 22: Repairs are an everpresent need, so we will be revisiting repairs today. Bring your garments in need of mending.

Saturdays in August 2018 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

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