Sew-along Supply List

For all of the projects, the historically accurate fabrics would be natural fibers (linen, wool, silk), although any fabric will be fine.

Housewife Materials (kits are also available for purchase through the gift shop):

  • 2 pieces of scrap fabric at least 4”x12” (mine is 4”x19”) - fat quarter works just fine
  • binding: 1-2 yards (mine used almost 1 ½ yards – (width + height) x 2 + 1” for a neat seam)
  • small amount of lanolin-rich wool for stuffing pin cushion
  • 1-4 pieces of scrap wool flannel or kerseymere: about 3.5” square
  • 1-3 scraps of fabric for making pockets: about 4” x 5”
  • ribbon or twill tape: about 1 yard
  • Any embellishments you wish to add: buttons, embroidery, etc.
  • Whatever you will store in your housewife: thimble, scissors, buttons, pins, needles, thread winders, bodkin, beeswax, etc. Bringing them with you will ensure that you size things appropriately as you make your housewife.

Apron materials:

  • natural fiber fabric, light to medium weight (broadcloth is fine): 1 yard
  • twill tape or other drawstring material: ~3 yards (waist measurement x 2 + ~1 yard)

Market Bags:

  • natural fiber fabric, medium to heavy weight (denim weight is good): 1 yard

Basic Repairs:

  • anything clothing or other textiles you have that need repair

All classes: Standard hand sewing tools and supplies, such as:

  • needles
  • threads to match your fabrics
  • scissors
  • shears
  • measuring tape
  • pins
  • sewing wax
  • thimble
  • sharp pencil