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Directions: Use the map to answer the following questions.

  1. Where are the modern day borders of New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine, New York, and Canada? Draw them in using different colors.
  2. Draw in a compass rose.
  3. On what geographical feature are almost all of the settlements located? Explain the reasons for this.
  4. What are the two main rivers in New Hampshire?
  5. How many miles is it from Boston to Deerfield? How many miles from Deerfield to Fort No. 4?
  6. Calculate how many miles between Boston and Albany.
  7. Describe what it would be like to travel these distances in the mid 1700's.
  8. Hypothesize about what communication was like in the mid 1700's; how did people communicate between towns? How did it affect daily life and business?
  9. Describe what it is like to travel these distances today, for example, between Boston and Albany.
  10. How long is the Connecticut River in New Hampshire?
  11. How many Indian settlements are shown on the map?
  12. How many European settlements are there?
  13. How do you think this imbalanace in number of settlements affected the relationship between the Indians and Europeans? Explain your answer.
  14. Name 4-5 places on the map that are Indian names and are still in use today.
  15. Extension: Do some research and find out where Northeastern Indian tribes are located today.

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