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Abenaki Captive

I. Vocabulary: Define and use in a sentence.

  1. Moccasin (p. 13)
  2. Pastoni (p.16)
  3. Rites (p.20)
  4. Quest (p.22)
  5. Tunic (p. 24)
  6. Pelt (p. 46)
  7. Powder horn (p. 48)
  8. Wampum (p.100)
  9. Weir (p.158)
  10. Ransom (p.171)

II. Questions to Discuss:

  1. Were you surprised when Plaswa allowed John Stark to keep the beaver pelts (p. 87)? Why or why not?
  2. What is Ogistin’s guardian spirit? What lessons does he learn from him?
  3. What are the similarities between Ogistin’s friendship to Kasko and John’s with Amos?
  4. Read the exchange between Amos and Plaswa on pages 53-54. Write down two to three points that each man is trying to make about their right to the land. Whom do you agree with?
  5. Is John convinced by Plaswa’s explanation that it is not a time of peace (pp. 71-74)? Were you convinced?
  6. Describe the relationship that developed between John Stark and Ogistin.
  7. At one point, John Stark says “I didn’t expect to be treated to so fairly” (p. 105). Did you expect John to be treated fairly? Why or why not?
  8. What role does taking a person’s scalp play in Abenaki culture?
  9. Why did the Abenaki have prisoners run the gauntlet?
  10. Could you understand John’s hesitation about leaving? What would you have done?

III. Extended Research Options

  1. Write a report on the important role John Stark plays later in history.
  2. Write a biography of Stark’s redeemer, Phineas Stevens (from Fort at No. 4/Charlestown, NH).
  3. Research the Wabanaki confederacy.
  4. Write a summary of the wars that France and England fought during the colonial period.
  5. Write a biography of Robert Rogers.
  6. Trace the route on a map between John Stark’s home town of Derryfield, New Hampshire (now Manchester, NH) and Odanak/St. Francis in Quebec, Canada
  7. Write a biography of Chief Atecouando.
  8. In what ways does this fictional novel help you learn about historical events and people?

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