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Capital Campaign for The Fort at No. 4
Roof Fund

The Fort at No. 4's major asset is her physical plant: 13 contiguous buildings forming the stockaded village (the town square), two 18th century barns, and our blacksmith shop.

Unfortunately these wooden structures suffer from years of deferred maintenance; most especially so the roofs composed of wood shakes / shingles. For the worst of the roofs, we have placed temporary membranes or coverings over the roofs to keep water migration at bay.

It is for repairs to, and, in some instances replacement of, these roofs that we seek you help. Please consider making a financial donation our roof fund.


Roof Fund Options

If you would prefer to donate via a check, please send it to: The Fort at No. 4
PO Box 1336
Charlestown, NH 03603

Other Methods of Support: Monetary contributions are not the sole means of support in our efforts to repairs the roofs. Donations of cedar shakes or shingles would be greatly appreciated

Thank you for your support.

Work on Stevens House
In Progress, Autumn 2016


Temporary coverings on Stevens House, Great Hall, and Hastings House (2011)

Work completed on blacksmith roof 2012

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