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Experience the Fort at No. 4: Now in Miniature

Fort at No. 4 Diorama
The Museum of Dumb Guy Stuff add an enormous amount of detail to the diorama, bringing the miniature fort to life with gardens, birds, farm animals, and peoples of all ages.

This scale model of the Fort at No. 4 was begun by Winfred Campbell of Acworth, NH. Winfred and his brother Rodney worked extensively to create a diorama that was faithful to the Fort’s original structure. Their work was carefully scaled from the reconstruction plans of the Fort and utilized hand crafted materials that were saved from reconstruction materials during the 1960s.

Fort at No. 4 DioramaUnfortunately, the work went unfinished and after Winfred’s passing his children donated to model to our museum. In November of 2018, the Museum of Dumb Guy Stuff took the original structure and added to it completing the missing buildings and adding 7000 shingles, and 170 figurines.  The diorama was returned to the Fort in April of 2019 where it remains proudly on display.

Come visit us to see this impressive diorama and experience an engaging portrait of life (in miniature) at the Fort at No. 4    !



Fort at No. 4 Diorama