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Building a Beehive (Cob or Bake) Oven: Take Down

The wooden old frame has been removed.

Some times repair work requires a little dis-assembly.

In the case of the fort’s well-loved beehive bake oven, almost everything, roof, oven, oven base, had to be  taken apart so that we might start anew.

The roof came off easily, tried from so many years of work.  The inside of the oven had already collapsed leaving only the outer shell to be broken up and removed.  The wooden frame which held the earthen base crumbled and required little effort to remove while the earth, long packed under the oven, held.

Rebuilding the base for the beehive oven. Members of the 78th Regiment of Foot (Fraser’s Highlanders) work to rebuild the base for the new bake oven.

Members of Frasers Highlanders put in a long day’s work rebuilding the frame for the oven base.  The frame was rebuilt to the six foot by six foot specifications of the original frame.

The new base (below) awaits dressing (large, flat stones placed on the base, then  topped with a slurry of clay and sand).

The new oven base awaiting top dressing.