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Building a Beehive Oven (Cob or Outdoor Bread Oven): Research

ft-4-ovnWhile doing some research in preparation for our upcoming beehive (cob) oven rebuild we came across some interesting materials.  Among 3141_099_E2006-03654_03662[1]_Page_1these, from the Canadian Museum of Civilization, is the Book The Bread Ovens of Quebec (BOILY, Lise, and Jean-François Blanchette. 1979). 

3143_261_E2006-03748_03767[1]_Page_12Now out of print, but available in PDF form, The Bread Ovens of Quebec takes a look at the traditional outdoor ovens in Quebec breaking down the construction of a cob oven and includes items such as songs, and–removal of spells cast upon the oven/bread.  Oh, my!